In the interests of aesthetics, safety or improving the health of your trees, trimming work is essential. But what are the ballpark prices for having a tree trimmed?

What exactly does tree trimming consist of?

Trimming helps shape a tree so that it can grow taller, rather than wider, as the latter puts the tree at greater risk of making contact with power lines, for example. Additionally, if a tree’s branches are intrusive or threaten to fall to the ground, there’s an increased risk of damage.

With regard to branches that are diseased, dead or rotten, the objective is to preserve the health of the tree. There can also be aesthetic motives for trimming a tree, for example, to increase the amount of natural light on the land and thus increase the value of the property.

What factors influence the price of tree trimming?

Various considerations come into play in the cost of trimming a tree. The price you pay for tree trimming can depend on the type of tree, the total number of trees that need trimming, the characteristics of the land and other challenges that are unique to each situation.

The size of the tree

The larger a tree is, the more difficult it will be to cut the highest branches. Furthermore, the larger the diameter of the trunk, the more branches the tree will generally have. This is one more factor that will affect the fee for trimming the tree.

The geographical situation

If the ground is particularly uneven, any pruning or trimming work may take longer. If there are other obstacles to consider, protective measures may be necessary, which will also increase the amount of time it takes to perform the work.

Risk factors

A tree may be deemed dangerous if it’s unable to support the weight of the tree trimmer. If it’s necessary to use supplemental equipment to ensure the tree trimmer’s safety, the client will have to assume the additional costs.

The condition of the tree

Obviously, a tree that’s in good health will be easier to trim than a tree that’s full of dead wood, suckers, rot and diseased branches.

Estimating the rate for trimming a tree

Here’s an example of what it might cost for tree trimming work. For jobs lasting three hours and involving two tree trimmers, and for tasks that include gathering, hauling and chipping branches, hauling away the wood and cleaning up the premises, you can expect to pay around $1,000. Even so, this amount is only approximate.

The cost of trimming a tree may vary according to the season

Fall is the busiest season for tree trimmers. As a result, the rates are often as much as 10 or even 15 percent higher. Early spring is generally the time of year when you can benefit from lower prices, making it the ideal period in which to have your trees trimmed!

Contact a professional tree trimmer

Contact Émondage SBP for a personalized assessment of the possible cost of having your trees trimmed. You can count on their expertise for all of your tree bracing, wood chipping, stump removal, land clearing and tree felling projects.


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