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Frequently Asked Questions

A: In most cases, a permit or a certificate of authorization from the municipality is required from before cutting down a tree or trees. If a tree is dead, diseased, unsafe or is causing damage to a property, you will not have a problem obtaining permission. However, your city may require that another tree be planted.

A: Fruit trees should be cut back during the months of February, March and April. For more information, see our page on fruit tree trimming or contact us!

A: The height of a tree does not affect its solidity. Unless it is showing signs of deterioration, there is no reason to have it cut down. Cutting off the top is not recommended either, you can read more in our pruning section.

A: Yes, our stump grinder is designed to access restricted areas and it won’t damage anything in its path, so don’t worry.

A: Of course, our crews use a bucket truck (similar to those used by Hydro-Quebec). In cases like this, it allows us to safely cut down a diseased tree in front of the house.

A: Of course, we are available 24/7 for emergencies, call us at (450) 880-1592 / (514) 730-6532

A: This practice is very harmful for your tree! Check our pruning page, we have all the details!

A: The wood is either recycled as firewood, or planked when the situation allows it, or sent to a pulp and paper mill.

A: The stump grinder needs a minimum of 36 inches in width to pass.