déboisement d'un terrain

Whether full or partial, land clearing involves cutting down a significant number of trees within a defined area. This delicate maneuver is not without certain risks. That’s why it’s important to call on the services of a specialist. Do you have land that needs clearing but you don’t know whom to contact? Keep reading to learn more on the subject!

What does land clearing consist of?

Land clearing entails permanently eliminating the trees situated in a precise area in order to use the land or the wood for other purposes. For example, one might resort to the practice of clearcutting to provide wood for the production of paper and different types of wooden products. However, there are many other motives for land clearing, as well.

Building a new home

Have you found the perfect spot for your new home, but the large number trees on the parcel will interfere with its construction? You’ll definitely need to think about land clearing; however, you’ll also need to make sure that you comply with all municipal regulations.

Thinning out a wooded area or forest

Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove some trees in order to preserve the health of others and ensure that they grow to their full potential. Cleaning and clearing excess trees and bushes will not only increase the beauty of the area but also help guarantee the long-term health of the remaining trees.

Avoiding sewer line problems

There’s another good reason for land clearing: when tree roots threaten the integrity of the municipal sewer system, it’s necessary to remove the stumps in question to prevent the roots from propagating.

Whom should you call to clear your land?

Land clearing requires specific knowledge and specialized equipment. There are also certain provincial and municipal rules and regulations that you must observe in order for the clearing work to be compliant.

It’s important to entrust land-clearing work to a qualified, experienced arborist or tree pruner with a valid license. The professional you choose must not only perform the tree-felling work properly and safely but also remove the stumps, clear away brush and transport all of this green waste off-site.

How to find a qualified arborist for land-clearing work

To find a reliable arborist, ask your friends and neighbors for references and look for positive reviews. You should also take care to verify that the professional in question has the proper training, specialized equipment and sufficient experience in the area.

What’s the price of land clearing?

The price will vary depending on the specific nature of the work, as well as several other factors, including the density of the trees and the characteristics and accessibility of the land. In general, the price for land clearing will range from $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot.

Here are some other considerations that will influence the price of land clearing:

  • The type of wood (softwood or hardwood)
  • The presence of dead trees
  • Foundations or other obstacles on the land
  • Nearby buildings
  • The presence of power lines
  • The muddiness of the land

Tree pruning experts for all your land-clearing needs

Are you looking for professional tree pruners for land-clearing work? The certified team at Émondage SBP guarantees you meticulous work that complies with all current regulations. Contact us to get the best advice with regard to clearing your land.

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