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Tips for care, pruning and felling your trees

protection hivernale aux arbres

Should you protect your trees in winter?

Winter is a difficult time for trees, especially in areas where temperatures can drop very low. The water having deserted the frozen ground, the strong winter winds can cause damage,
arbre à croissance rapide

Fast Growing Tree: Top Picks

Planting trees in gardens and other green spaces is a wonderful way to do good for the environment and beautify our landscapes. It also happens that we simply have to
arbre près des fils électriques

When to worry about a tree being too close to power lines

Whenever a tree has dead or broken branches, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. An untreated wound can jeopardize the health of the tree and
déboisement d'un terrain

Whom should you contact for land-clearing work?

Whether full or partial, land clearing involves cutting down a significant number of trees within a defined area. This delicate maneuver is not without certain risks. That’s why it’s important

What’s the cost for tree trimming?

In the interests of aesthetics, safety or improving the health of your trees, trimming work is essential. But what are the ballpark prices for having a tree trimmed? What exactly
arbre près de la maison

Felling a tree that’s too close to a house

Large trees contribute significantly to the magnificence and beauty of a residential property. However, if a tree is too close to the house, is it prudent to cut it down?
utilisation d'une essoucheuse pour enlever la souche d'un arbre

Stump removal: answers to your questions

Like it or not, sometimes it’s necessary to cut down a tree, whether for reasons of disease, safety or a lack of space. However, once the tree disappears, the stump
maladie de l'érable - taches noires sur les feuilles

What to do in the case of maple tree diseases

We’re constantly hearing about the emerald ash borer, that invasive parasite that attacks ash trees; however, reports on the diseases that can affect maple trees are scarce. Nevertheless, numerous fungi
arboriculteur émondeur sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal

Finding a tree trimmer or arborist on the South Shore

While we all agree that trees are important and that we should do what we can to protect them and ensure their health, few of us truly understand how to