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Reach out to professional arborists

To maintain the health of your trees, we offer various services for every tree species in Quebec. A number of variables must be taken into consideration when it comes to the care of your trees. The goal of this page is to shed some light on the appropriate practice of arboriculture, still not very well known to this day.

Reach out to professionals

Let’s get right to the point! To lower, top or prune your tree in the shape of a ball is very harmful. The place where the cut has been made will never heal and in the long term the branch will rot. It will become fertile ground for diseases and mushrooms spores.

Additionally, the following year, young shoots will grow around this wound and once they reach about 3 meters they will be very fragile because of their rotten base. These branches will be very hazardous during stormy weather (strong winds, glazed frost, snow, etc.).