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Pruning and felling with basket

A safe and efficient boom truck and crane service

Everywhere on the South Shore and in Montreal

Arboriculture work with basket

Our teams always use boom trucks when going to a work site. We often use them for felling, as well as wire and building clearing. It makes the work a lot easier and safer.

Why Émondage SBP uses a basket?

Using a boom lift, whether for tree felling or pruning, makes the job faster, easier and safer. Our teams benefit from it, but so do you!

For example, in the case of a project paid by the hour, the use of a boom truck is a better value as the execution time of the pruner will be twice if not three times shorter!

Boom trucks can reach up to 20 meters. Yearly inspections ensure that our machinery is safe.

Crane service

We only rarely use the crane as it is very costly.

Sometimes we have no choice due to the size of the tree, its location or simply the client asks for it.

With the crane, everything that is cut is tied to it, lifted and softly put on the ground; it is a quicker and safer felling method for those bigger projects.

Our team at work felling a tree with a crane

We have all the necessary equipment to perform whatever kind of work you need done on your trees.