Fruit trees pruning service

Apple trees, pear trees, serviceberries, honey locusts, crab apples, cherry trees and many others are all part of the fruit tree family. For good fruit production, pruning is recommended only during February, March or April. If fruit production is not important to you, pruning can be done anytime of the year.

The cuts are made in the healthy tissue where healing occurs rapidly. Also, the height of the fruit tree must be controlled (it is worth noting that only fruit trees should be lowered for health purposes). Hence, the vigour of the tree is contained in its base given a pyramidal shape. This type of pruning also allows the sun to reach all the fruits.

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In order to maximise the production of fruit, balance is needed between wood and fruit growth. This reduces the need for pruning while maintaining a steady harvest.


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It must be kept in mind that the later the pruning the slower the growth. Harsh pruning after the budding time may compromise the vitality of the tree.

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