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Pruning service: tree trimming for optimal growth

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Tree trimming is much more than aesthetics.

Having healthy trees means ensuring the safety of those circulating close-by, plus preserving buildings and infrastructure with sustainable, managed growth. Available year-round, hiring a pruning service will help you keep a balanced ratio between the trunk and branches, while making everything look trim and neat. 

In urban areas, trees are often planted in tight spaces. To combine greenery and urban development, it’s important to help trees grow upwards, rather than spreading out. Our tree trimming services help manage these situations. 

Trees play an essential role in our ecosystem, providing oxygen, shade and protection for so many. Although sturdy and majestic, they can still be vulnerable. Pruning or trimming helps strengthen their structure. Thanks to well spaced, robust branches, they can withstand the most difficult climatic challenges. 

Emondage SBP offers expert pruning services. Certified professionals travel to Montreal’s north shore and south shores to execute the tree trimming required for your environment.

What is pruning?

Pruning a tree requires meticulous precision. A professional preserves the health of your trees, while keeping their natural shape, leaving them stronger and more aesthetic. Dead, oversized or broken branches weigh your tree down. By removing these safely, we encourage healthy growth. But there’s more to it than that:

  • We ensure the physical integrity of people or objects located near a weakened tree or risky branches.
  • We clear infrastructures to avoid breakage that could be caused by the friction of branches on roofs, balconies, walls, telephone or electric wires, etc.

You can also choose sanitation pruning to prevent the spread of disease or rotting. It’s also possible to raise the crown, which means cutting branches, starting from the bottom, up to a previously agreed height that let’s the sun shine on the pool, the lawn and your flowers.

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Why choose a professional pruner?

The art of pruning requires in-depth knowledge of arboriculture. You can’t improvise pruning. Doing so can only harm the growth, or even the vitality, of your trees. 

By choosing a certified pruner to take care of your trees, you’ll:

    • get clean, precise cuts that won’t harm the growth of the tree;
    • have a professional with the necessary equipment to safely cut branches, regardless of height; 
    • avoid any risk of injury or serious accidents related to improper handling or planning;
    • benefit from honest, expert advice.

Pruning can be done all year-round.

You can prune your trees all year

To call our pruning team or obtain any information on tree felling, deforestation, pruning of fruit trees and stump removal, or any other service, contact Emondage SBP!


Denis A., who called on Emondage SBP to trim a tree
The work was done quickly and just the way I asked. I highly recommend this company.
France C., who called on Emondage SBP to trim an olive tree
Very good service, with skilled, courteous tree trimmers. They were very careful not to damage my other plants.
I strongly recommend them.

The qualified team at Emondage SBP knows all there is to know about tree trimming and makes it a priority to respect the surrounding property.