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Stump removal services

Have your tree stump removed for a spotless space

Everywhere on the South Shore and in Montreal

Tree stump removal

Once the felling is done, we can cut the stump as low as possible and let it rot in the soil or grind it into a mulch by calling on our grinding service.

What is stump removal service?

It is an intervention consisting in shredding the stump of your felled tree. To achieve this, our arborists have state-of-the-art equipment to perform stump removal safely while preserving the appearance of your land.

It is advisable to carry out stump removal because a stump left on the ground can produce new shoots, become a refuge for pests or be a source of odors disturbing the tranquility of your green space. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, call a professional arborist company like Émondage SBP who will remove the stump.

Progress of our stump removal intervention

To extract the stump, our team uses a stump grinder. This machine is specially designed to fulfill this mission. The stump is ground at about 20 cm into the soil. We can do this operation deeper on request. The idea is to no longer see it, but it is not completely removed. With time the mulch and roots will rot and the growth of the tree will be stopped. This prevents any regrowth around the trunk area.

Removing an inaccessible stump… no problem!

We have specialized and complete arboriculture equipment, which will allow us to carry out stump removal work, even in the most difficult to access places! The quality of our equipment allows us to carry out the work efficiently, quickly and safely.

To remove a stump without causing damage to your property, contact our team.

With tree stump removal, no hassle!

The stump cutter does not damage the ground as it is light and equipped with tires. The mulch can be taken away or left on site. All that is left to do is to fill the hole with soil. For the rest, leave nature alone.Need help from a specialist to cut down trees or to undertake pruning and trimming work? Contact us now to make an appointment and get a quote for the extraction of your tree stump!