Topping service

emondageTopping is a type of pruning not usually recommended, but in specific cases, it has to be done. For example, a tree severely topped on many occasions, has to be lowered as, if it continues to grow in height, it is more than likely to break where it has been cut before. Trees growing under electric wires also have to be lowered, to ensure continuous service of the network.

emondageTopping is about:

  • Lowering the tree at the height specified by the client (note : the lower the topping, the more harmful to the tree).
  •  Reducing the sides in proportion to the desired height.
  • Removing dead and/or broken branches.
  • Clearing infrastructures.

With this type of pruning your tree will be stimulated and it will grow much faster than it would have with thinning. You will ensure maximum light, as more than half the foliage will have been removed. However it will be for a short period of time because eventually, the tree will be denser than before, and its life expectancy will be considerably reduced.

Although we rarely recommend that option, this service can be performed anytime throughout the year.


Safran N., who called on Emondage SBP to prune a 50-foot maple tree
Good, fast work! Thanks!

Whether you have a tree that needs pruning or you would like to learn about the other options available to you, we’re happy to answer all your questions.