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Tree Felling

24/7 emergency service for the cutting of dangerous trees

Everywhere on the South Shore and in Montreal

Tree Felling Service

Doesn’t cut down a tree he who wants. Indeed, felling a tree requires precision, specialized equipment and technique. Doing this type of work without the necessary knowledge and experience can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries. At Émondage SBP, we have the expertise and skills to fell your trees. 

When should a tree be removed?

First of all, to cut down one of your trees, you must hold a permit issued by your city’s legal authorities, otherwise you could be fined.

The felling of trees takes place most of the time when they show signs of rot, disease or when the trees interfere with power lines. In case your tree clearly becomes a danger, it needs to be cut down. Whether it is located in front or behind your home, on a slope, near a pool, in an alley or next to a building, it’s not a problem for us.

In addition, we offer many other arboriculture services including pruning, stump removal, land clearing and more!

Preliminary inspection

Before felling your tree, our team of experts will perform a preliminary inspection to determine the reason for the removal, the tree inclination and its height and size. This initial analysis will be used to put in place a safe, quick and effective action plan that will ensure the team member and building safety.

Once the evaluation is completed, an arborist will come and fell the tree in the following days. In addition, he will ensure that operations run smoothly and that everything is done according to the state of the art, i.e. felling, shredding branches, collecting wood, stump removal, etc.

Tree Felling Techniques

Tree felling can be done in several ways:
  • By cutting the tree at the base when there is enough space, so it will collapse to the ground without damaging anything;
  • With an aerial bucket;
  • By an arborist who will cut the tree into several sections and lower them to the ground using cables specially designed for this task;
  • And more rarely, with the help of a crane
Don’t risk injury or damages to your buildings and leave the task to us. With Émondage SBP, best advice guaranteed and at your disposal certified experts who will ensure that your tree felling is done in accordance with the highest industry standards. Whether you live in Montreal or on the South Shore, it will be our pleasure to meet you.

Options available for the tree cutting service

You have several options for tree felling. For example, our mandate may be to:
  • Just cut down and leave the wood and branches on the spot.
  • Tree felling, branch shredding on site or in a truck and leaving the wood on site.
  • Felling and picking everything up so the customer doesn’t have to do anything.
Of course, the price differs from one option to another.

They recommend our service for cutting trees

My two trees were cut down, all of the branches were picked up and the stumps were pulled out. They even pruned my ornamental crab-apple tree at no extra charge. I’m extremely satisfied.
Marie-Paule B
who called on Emondage SBP to cut down two trees
The personnel are friendly and they do great work.
Amélie R.
who called on Emondage SBP to cut down a tree and trim two fir trees

Tree felling photo and video gallery

Our team at work felling a tree with a crane

Fast-track felling of Albert the poplar