Whether it’s necessary to correct the central axis or preserve the health and vigour of your tree, consider pruning it. Pruning, a simple yet technical procedure, allows a healthy growth of your plants. But when should trees be pruned?

What you need to know about tree pruning

Before proceeding to cut branches, be aware to never remove more than 20% of the tree branches. Above this percentage, you could greatly harm its growth and, at the same time, reduce its life expectancy.

The main objective of tree pruning is to maintain symmetry and encourage the formation of strong branches by eliminating broken or diseased branches. To do this, you must prune branches and twigs that are too close together, remove shoots and branches growing inwards.

Also, to avoid the spread of disease, remember to clean your tools properly between pruning each of your trees.

Deciduous Tree Pruning Period

For deciduous trees, pruning is easier during dormant periods, either early in the spring (before bud opening) or late in the fall (about one month after leaf fall).

Stripped of all foliage, their branches are clearly visible thus allowing a better evaluation of the cuts to be made. Note that it is also possible to prune branches in the summer, during their vegetation, but definitely avoid pruning during heat waves or severe droughts. Cutting during periods of extreme cold, in January or February, should also be avoided.

Coniferous Tree Pruning Period

Unlike hardwoods, conifers have difficulty producing new shoots on older branches. That’s why it’s not advisable to prune trees that are more than two years old.Woodland with pine trees in summer

Pruning a conifer, means removing dead, diseased or damaged branches. On the other hand, it can be used to densify the foliage while respecting the natural bearing of the tree or shrub, as is the case with cedars (thuja).

Your cedar hedge is going in all directions? You should know that the best time to prune it is near the end of June when the growth of new shoots is almost complete. Of course, you can continue to trim it during the summer period until September, but, as for hardwoods, avoid periods of drought and heat waves.

Tiered conifers (spruce, pine and fir) need to be pruned in late spring before the needles of the new shoots develop. You have to cut about one-third or two-thirds of the candles. Be aware that if you decide to trim your conifer after this period, its needles will tend to turn yellow.

Your trees need a little love and care? Whether it is for pruning or trimming your trees, entrust this work to professionals in arboriculture. At Émondage SBP, we will meet you with pleasure and bring our expertise and know-how.

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