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Land clearing work

To clear a lot or a large space, we have the equipment you need!

Professional service and specialized equipment

Land clearing

This service consists of cutting all the trees on a predefined sector. Whether it is to prepare a site for a new construction or to clear an entire forest, we are equipped to carry out these operations efficiently and quickly. You have several options for clearing or felling trees

Deforestation service adapted to your needs

We offer a clearing service for residential and commercial customers as well as for municipalities and government agencies. Our mandate can be adapted to your needs and, for example:
  • Only cutting down the trees and leave the wood and branches in place
  • Include felling of trees, chipping of branches on site or in a truck, while wood could be left on site
  • Include the felling of trees present on the land and the collection of all branches and wood to leave you with an impeccable land!
Of course, the price differs from one option to another and can be specified to you in a quote.

Before clearing land

Before undertaking any deforestation project, it is necessary to obtain a deforestation permit from your municipality, and/or from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests if the forest is in the domain of the State. In some cases, it may also be necessary to carry out an environmental impact study. It is important to comply with legal requirements regarding deforestation to minimize negative impacts on the environment and to ensure that the project is carried out in a responsible manner.

Cost for land clearing and deforestation

Costs to clear land can vary depending on several factors such as tree density, type of land and accessibility.Other factors can also influence the price of the work, for example:
  • the quality of the wood;
  • the presence of dead trees;
  • the presence of foundations or other obstacles on the ground;
  • proximity to buildings or power lines;
  • the type of ground (swampy for example)
The total cost to clear a lot will therefore depend on the scope and complexity of the work to be done and the best way to know it is to ask us for a quote!