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What are the principal diseases that affect trees?

diseases that affect trees - émondage Sbp

They say that trees are the lungs of the Earth. A source of inspiration and elegance, they beautify the landscape and enhance the appearance of our neighborhoods. They provide us with coolness and shade in the summer, retain moisture, help stabilize the soil and contribute to our urban ecosystems. But beyond that, trees are also […]

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Pruning: a definition

Pruning - Émondage SBP

Straight, proud and grandiose, trees play a crucial role in maintaining our ecosystem. But even though their amplitude gives them certain nobility, these green giants still require regular maintenance. As we all know, trees in urban areas can pose a risk to many objects, such as power lines, buildings, cars, etc. To reduce accidents and […]

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What are the techniques to remove a tree stump?

It is often necessary to cut down trees because they are sick, harmful or dangerous. Although tree felling is a delicate operation, the same goes for stump removal. Not aesthetically pleasing and often considered to be harmful to landscaping, stumps are disliked. And to get rid of it quickly and efficiently, people don’t hesitate to […]

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Various tree pruning techniques

Walking through the streets of our city, we often notice beautiful landscaping, beautiful houses with their ingenious and innovative decorations, but rarely pay attention to trees. These vestiges of the past, which are most of the time mistreated, awkwardly carved and even massacred! Mostly because of ignorance, but above all to save a little money, […]

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Tree Felling Regulations: What You Need to Know

Tree Felling Regulations - Émondage SBP

Proud guardian of your yard for many years, today, your tree is attacked by disease and threatens to collapse on your home? Your first reflex will probably be to contact a tree cutting company to get rid of the tree efficiently and safely. But are you familiar with the regulations on tree felling? Although your […]

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What’s the difference between trees and shrubs?

Tree and shrubs - Émondage SBP

What’s a tree or shrub? Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish the different species that are found in our backyard or garden. While some plants are considered to be trees, others are rather part of the shrub family. To help you see more clearly, here is a short guide to help you understand the difference […]

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Emerald ash borer: symptom and treatment

Emerald ash borer - Émondage SBP

Spring is the time of year when everything seems to revive. The heat is back, the flowers begin to bloom while the trees adorn themselves with their most beautiful foliage. But, spring is also a pivotal period for the emergence of the emerald ash borer. What are the signs and symptoms indicating that your tree […]

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Pruning: Why do we have to prune trees?

Pruning trees - Émondage SBP

Are you a home or business owner and wondering whether you should be pruning or not the trees you have in your yard or garden? Here are a few good reasons to do so, as well as some tips on how to proceed so as not to interfere with the natural growth of your plants […]

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When should fruit trees be pruned?

Prune fruit trees - Émondage SBP

From planting to harvesting, the fruit tree undergoes multiple care to ensure its good general condition. The pruning of fruit trees is a crucial periodical intervention allowing the optimal development of the fruit. In addition to the techniques specific to the pruning of fruit trees, it will be necessary to choose the right moment to […]

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Arboriculturist: a challenging profession

Tree pruning techniques - Émondage SBP

What’s an arboriculturist? Being an arboriculturist is a profession that involves the care of trees through various techniques including pruning, trimming and felling. It goes without saying that this profession requires specific technical know-how and multidisciplinary skills in order to carry out interventions that are both safe and respectful of the natural development of the […]

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