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Tree felling on the South Shore: who to call and what permits to obtain

abattage d'un arbre sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal

Felling a tree consists of cutting it down completely using any one of several different methods. Obviously, this type of work must be done safely, as it involves certain risks. Contrary to what some may think, it takes more than just a ladder and a chainsaw to cut down a tree. When is tree felling […]

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What to do and who pays when the wind knocks down a tree

arbre tombé sur la maison à cause du vent

When Mother Nature lets loose, even the most prepared among us can find ourselves facing significant damage. In fact, strong winds and gusts can cause severe damage to your property, your vehicle and the surrounding trees. Was one of your trees blown over by the wind? Keep reading to learn what to do in a […]

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The ABCs of tree maintenance

entretien arbres

In an urban environment, trees require proper, regular maintenance in order to grow, remain in good health and maximize their longevity. On top of that, if they aren’t maintained, they can represent a risk to the people and infrastructure (such as electrical wires, buildings, balconies, cars, etc.) around them. It’s strongly recommended to call on […]

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Finding (and choosing!) a certified arborist

Découpage d'arbre en hauteur par arboriculteur certifié

Do you want to remove dead branches from a tree and have it trimmed? Do you have a tree that you think needs to be pruned? To maintain the health of your trees and ensure the safety of the people and buildings around them, call on the services of a certified professional arborist. A qualified […]

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What are the possible treatments for a diseased tree?

traitement arbre malade

Do you know how to tell what state of health your trees are in? There are various signs that allow you to determine if one of your trees has some sort of disease: dead or split branches, decaying branches, trunks or roots, white or black spots on the leaves, an insect infestation, fungus, abnormal tilting, […]

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Broken tree branches: should you repair them or cut them off?

branche d'arbre cassée

Heavy snowfall, ice and strong winds have been making life difficult for our trees for several years now. In the spring, it isn’t uncommon to find a fair share of broken forks, torn bark and split branches. But what should you do about a broken tree branch? Can you treat it or do you have […]

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The many benefits of trees in an urban environment

We generally associate cities with concrete, skyscrapers, pollution and an absence of greenery. But in recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the fact that trees and vegetation are essential elements in the development of healthy living spaces for city dwellers. In addition to the esthetic aspect, trees play a vital role in […]

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What’s the importance of trees in our environment?

forêt arbres

Our forests play an essential role in the survival of humankind. Trees are so important that, without the more than 300,000 different species of plants currently covering the planet, animal life such as we know it would never have been able to exist. As a vital resource for our society, trees have always been intimately […]

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Demystifying the problems associated with tree roots

Trees are valued for their beauty, the oxygen they produce and the shade they provide in summer. An essential part of the urban ecosystem, they also increase property values. Yet there remains a widespread fear regarding the risks associated with their roots. Indeed, whenever cracks appear in foundations, gutters and pipelines, people are often quick […]

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Types of fungi present in trees

Trees are living organisms that are capable of being injured. Animals, parasites and weather all put their resistance to the test. Trees are also susceptible to disease. Some of these diseases are of bacterial origin, while others are caused by insects or fungi. However, the presence of fungi on a tree doesn’t necessarily signify its […]

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