arbre à croissance rapide

Planting trees in gardens and other green spaces is a wonderful way to do good for the environment and beautify our landscapes. It also happens that we simply have to replace a dead or diseased tree that has been cut down. In such cases, a fast-growing tree is an ideal option.

In this article, we present the best choices of fast-growing trees and the varieties to choose according to the climate and the soil.

Fast-growing tree: what are the advantages?

Choosing to plant a tree that grows quickly has many advantages. Apart from the fact that trees protect us from the sun, they also help reduce noise levels in the surroundings. Similarly, since fast-growing trees have deep and extensive root systems, they can significantly help stabilize soils and prevent erosion.

Finally, a fast-growing tree can be an attractive option for creating shade in no time in the yard or garden. Not to mention that this type of tree often features vibrant colors and unique textures, making it a perfect choice for enriching and diversifying your landscaping.

With the proper care, your fast-growing tree will add shade and beauty to your property for many years to come!

Advantages of planting a fast growing tree:

  • Provides natural shade quickly
  • Helps stabilize soils
  • Prevents erosion
  • Reduces noise level
  • Embellish your outdoor space

The best choices of fast-growing trees for your land

If you are looking to quickly increase the amount of trees on your property, several options are available to you. Obviously, each type of tree has its own adaptive capacities which vary according to the type of soil and climatic conditions.

  • Willow: for wet areas and poorly drained soils
  • Silver maple or “Marmo” maple: for light, cool and well-drained soils
  • Catalpa: we love it for its gigantic leaves
  • Birch: prefers neutral and acid soils
  • Locust: ideal for the city, it tolerates pollution and de-icing salt well
  • Red oak: for cool climates and well-drained soils
  • Elm: new, more resistant cultivars, such as the “pioneer”, allow the return of this tree to Quebec

While the ash has long been a tree of choice for its rapid growth, it has been avoided since the spread of the emerald ash borer, which has decimated millions of ash trees across Canada since the early 2000s.

Finally, it is important to note that each tree has unique needs in terms of space and sun exposure. This is why it is essential to be well informed before making a final choice.

Small fast-growing tree: ideal for the garden

Why opt for a small tree that grows quickly? To quickly add greenery and shade to a small space and an unparalleled touch of beauty. Small trees that grow quickly are very often used to embellish the space and adorn the edges of the land or garden.

Small fast-growing tree: which are the most popular?

These trees experience a growth of about 30 to 60 cm in a year, and a maximum height of 6 to 8 meters.

  • Lilac
  • Butterfly Tree
  • Prunus
  • Magnolia
  • Cherry
  • Pear tree with flowers
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Oleander

A lush garden, in no time!

Looking for a tree that grows glass to integrate into your landscaping or to replace a tree that you need to cut down ? For personalized advice and solutions tailored to your situation, contact the experts at Émondage SBP. Looking forward to helping you!


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