Abattage d'un arbre mort : les risques à savoir

On your property, do you have a tree that appears to be sick, dead or dying? Would you like to have cut down all the way to ground level? Before you do anything, whether you live in a rural area or an urban area, whether you live in Montreal, Longueuil, on the South Shore or anywhere else in Quebec, you should be aware that the municipalities regulate tree felling and only allow it with a permit. Furthermore, if you’re thinking about cutting down a dead tree, you should call on the services of a company with certified arborists to do the work. This is a guarantee of safety and good-quality work.

How to go about felling a dead tree

First, you should make sure that the tree is indeed dead. It shouldn’t have any leaves and the interior of the bark should be beige or brown.

You will then need to contact your municipality to obtain a tree-felling permit before commencing the work. Once you’ve submitted your application, before issuing the permit, an arboriculture inspector from your city may come to verify that the tree is dead so that it can be felled legitimately.

Once you’ve obtained a permit, call on the services of a professional tree felling team, which will perform a detailed inspection to determine the scope of the work.

Risks and dangers to consider

Cutting down a tree can prove to be a very dangerous operation, entailing certain risks. That’s why it’s always wise to call on the services of a company with seasoned, qualified professionals who have the necessary knowledge and skill to fell a tree safely and securely.

The principal risks include the following:

  • Falling branches and trunks can jeopardize the safety of nearby people and buildings. Failure to take the necessary precautions or to master the cut perfectly can cause the branches to fall on passers-by or on the roof of the house next door.
  • The person cutting down the tree is at risk of falling. An experienced, qualified arborist knows the proper techniques for trimming a tree safely.
  • If there’s limited space, whether in the city or the country, the tree may be very close to other trees or structures that could be damaged when the tree is cut down. Only a professional who has completely mastered tree-cutting techniques knows how to work in difficult, tight spaces.
  • Various obstacles (sloped land, fences, electrical lines, garden furniture, plants, etc.) can complicate the work and must be taken into consideration during the trimming process.
  • The nature, dimensions, incline and level of degradation of the tree can present risks, especially if the tree is fragile, if it’s in an advanced state of decomposition or if it leans sharply. An expert can evaluate these aspects in order to perform the work safely.
  • The use of unsuitable tools is risky. Using the proper tree-felling equipment, for example, a bucket truck, will minimize any potential dangers.

Would you like to have a dead tree on your property cut down safely and securely? Call on the experts at Émondage SBP for top-quality work.

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