abattage d'un arbre sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal

Felling a tree consists of cutting it down completely using any one of several different methods. Obviously, this type of work must be done safely, as it involves certain risks. Contrary to what some may think, it takes more than just a ladder and a chainsaw to cut down a tree.

When is tree felling necessary?

The decision to remove a tree shouldn’t be taken lightly or made at whim. In fact, trees are generally removed only if they exhibit signs of rot or disease, if they’re dead, or if they interfere with electrical wires and therefore pose a certain risk of damage.

You should also be aware that cities have been imposing an increasing number of regulations regarding tree felling. That’s why, before you do anything, you should obtain a permit from your city authorities; otherwise, you may end up having to pay a fine.

Permit request for tree felling

Here’s a list of the principal municipalities on the South Shore, along with links to their websites. There, you’ll find more information on tree felling and how to obtain a permit in your area (for many cities, information is available in French only on their website, you’ll have to call their urbanism service to get the information in English).

The importance of entrusting the work to a qualified arborist

To ensure that a tree is cut down safely and efficiently, it’s essential to engage the services of a professional arborist, since tree felling requires certain special skills. Numerous factors will need to be taken into consideration when determining the best technique to employ. These include the type and condition of the wood, the size of the tree and the direction in which the tree leans.

What’s more, it can be particularly dangerous to cut down trees whose branches extend over a roof, a pool, electrical lines, etc. One more reason to entrust the work to an expert. A thorough preliminary inspection will serve to establish the best action plan.

Tree felling techniques

In the city, trees are often cut down in stages, one section at a time with the aid of a block and tackle system. The arborist lowers each section using specially designed cables.

Other tree felling techniques include the following:

  • Cutting the tree at the base (as long as there’s sufficient clearance for it to topple over without damaging anything)
  • Cutting the tree with the aid of a bucket truck
  • Cutting the tree using a crane (less common)

Do business with expert arborists

Are you looking for tree felling professionals in the South Shore area? Don’t let just anybody cut down your trees. Felling a tree requires specific knowledge, expert precision, specialized equipment and proven techniques. The team at Émondage SBP has all the necessary experience and expertise to perform the work efficiently and in full compliance with regulations. We also offer tree trimming, tree pruning and stump removal services.

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