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Why use a pruning company to cut branches?

Who says capricious weather, says anxious population! It’s a fact, the erratic winters we’ve been experiencing lately have disastrous consequences on the trees… and on our peace of mind.

Each broken branch can end up on an infrastructure and cause notable breakage. This sword of Damocles weighs heavily on the shoulders of many people who no longer hesitate to contact a pruning company to fell or cut their trees, for fear that certain branches will fall and cause damage. Others choose to cut branches themselves, without having any knowledge of arboriculture.

However, although cutting and felling can indeed be beneficial, this is not always the case. And mutilating a tree unnecessarily can cause permanent injury and structural fragility.

In other words, even if severe weather phenomena are increasingly recurrent, they still remain relatively exceptional. So let’s trust Mother Nature to manage weak or at-risk branches… and the expertise of pruning companies!

So, why and in what cases should you call a pruning company for branch cutting? Let’s do a check in.

Pruning company: proven expertise

We have just noticed that rain, wind, snow and ice can impair our ability to judge, and see our trees as real threats to our security. Of course, if you wish to have one or more trees cut down and you have a permit to do so, that is a decision that is up to you. But always take the time to listen to the opinions of tree pruning companies. Between experience and expertise, they are in the best position to know whether your tree is dangerous or not.

In the event that a cut is necessary, their teams have staff trained and knowledgeable in tree pruning. Their skills allow them to understand the specific needs of each tree and to carry out appropriate pruning while preserving its health. In fact, improper cutting can damage a tree, make it more fragile (and therefore more dangerous) and even kill it.

By relying on recognized pruning companies, you will have the right information regarding the danger that your trees represent or not, and you will receive advice that will promote its health and stimulate its growth in the long term.

Cut branches preventively

Obviously, their evaluation can still lead pruning companies to carry out preventive cuts of certain trees. Before storms, hurricanes or other extreme weather conditions occur, having trees pruned can reduce the risk of damage from wind or snow. But this decision is made by considering several factors which require in-depth knowledge of arboriculture.

Same observations for trees located near buildings, power lines or fences. Professional pruning may be necessary to prevent property damage and ensure personal safety, but always seek expert advice!

Cut branches to encourage tree growth

Did you know? Cutting branches is not only recommended in cases of potential danger of falling. It’s also a question of aesthetics and balance. Indeed, professional pruning is often useful to control growth and shape the tree according to the owner’s preferences or municipal standards. All this, without weakening it!

Cut branches to avoid diseases that attack trees

Finally, it should also be noted that a pruning company can also operate, in order to avoid the spread of diseases and other pests. While in some cases pruning is mandatory because the tree is doomed, in other cases pruning can help prevent disease by allowing better air circulation and increased exposure to sunlight, thus reducing the conditions favorable to the development of these problems.

Prune your own trees? A false good idea

To save money, or because you like to do it yourself, you might be tempted to prune your trees yourself. If such an idea comes to mind, remember that contacting specialists guarantees you security and peace of mind!

First of all, pruning often requires specialized equipment such as chainsaws or aerial lifts. They make their work easier because they are used properly by seasoned professionals able to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around them. With appropriate tools and strict protocols, you are sure to have quality, reliable and safe work. Additionally, as we have seen, pruning a tree is not just a simple matter, and without the necessary expertise, you could be harming the health of your trees.

The service of a tree pruning company is not only measured by the excellence of the professional act itself. Have you thought about the debris after cutting? They are numerous and entirely taken care of by the mandated firm, which eliminates or shreds them appropriately.

Last but not least: for their specific services, certified companies are covered by civil liability insurance… and you are not! Need we say more? In other words, it is always a good idea to contact a certified and recognized pruning company.

In summary, even if the weather makes you fear the worst regarding falling branches, try to take a step back from the situation, and above all, do not undertake this type of work by yourself.

Don’t stay stuck with your worries: Émondage SBP is there for you

If you want to have a concrete opinion on the appearance, the health of your trees, and the appearance of their branches, you can meet the Émondage SBP teams. If taking care of the trees is their mission, taking care of the owners is their vision of the profession. There is no doubt that they will be able to give you advice, reassure you and give you a better perspective on the condition of your trees.

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