It is often necessary to cut down trees because they are sick, harmful or dangerous. Although tree felling is a delicate operation, the same goes for stump removal.

Not aesthetically pleasing and often considered to be harmful to landscaping, stumps are disliked. And to get rid of it quickly and efficiently, people don’t hesitate to use all the tricks possible, even if some of them are not always highly recommended.

Chemical Technique

One of the frequently used solutions is chemical injection. All you have to do is drill holes every 10 cm in the stump and its roots and pour sodium chlorate into them.

Fill the holes with clayey soil and wait a few weeks for the product to work. If necessary, it’s possible to do one or two treatments. Once the stump begins to crumble, you can extract it with an axe and shovel.

But although some people use this process, it’s not recommended. Not environmentally friendly, the chemicals used contaminate your soil and pose a health risk if they are not handled safely.

Ecological way

You’re in no hurry to get rid of the stump that adorns your backyard, but you don’t want to keep it forever? Garlic, coarse salt or epsom salt can then become your allies in this quest. Just like the chemical technique, you only have to drill holes 20 cm deep every 10 cm and fill them with garlic cloves, coarse salt or epsom salt. Why? Simply because germinating garlic will release toxic substances that will accelerate the devitalization of the stump. But beware, this solution is not perfect and requires a lot of time.

Professional techniques for removing a tree stump

To say goodbye to a stump once and for all, there is nothing better than to call on the services of a specialized company such as Émondage SBP.

With state-of-the-art professional equipment, arborists can eliminate your tree stump quickly and efficiently. To do this, they use a stump grinder, which is a machine specifically designed to shred the stump at about 8 inches in the ground.

The purpose of this maneuver is not to completely remove your stump, but to grind it sufficiently so that it is no longer visible. That way, it will no longer be able to generate regrowth around the trunk area, while the rest will decompose naturally in the soil over the years. Are you worried that the machinery will damage your property?

Not to worry, the grinder is both lightweight and equipped with tires, making it easy to move around without leaving traces. In addition, one of the advantages when you deal with a pruning company to remove a stump, the shredded wood chips will be picked up by the team upon request. The only remaining tasks you will have to do will be to fill the holes with soil and level your ground.

You would like to use a professional service to remove your tree stump? Contact the experts at Émondage SBP.

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