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Do you need to cut down one or more trees on your property? Whether you live in Longueuil, Brossard, Boucherville, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu or any other city on the South Shore of Montreal, you should be aware that tree felling is subject to regulations and must be performed by a qualified professional.

Before embarking on the formalities, are you wondering just how much it costs to cut down a tree? A number of factors determine the price a professional arborist will charge for felling a tree. But first and foremost, you need to be aware of certain regulations.

Rules to observe

Felling a tree consists of safely cutting it down all the way to the ground. Since cities increasingly regulate this activity, you must obtain a permit to cut down a tree from the legal authorities of your municipality before initiating the work; otherwise, you may be subject to a fine.

As a rule, cutting down a tree is permissible if there’s a danger of a branch falling on a power line, a building or a person, if the tree is blocking traffic, if it exhibits signs of rot or disease or if it’s dead.

The price for felling a tree

Numerous factors influence the operations, the estimated time to perform the work and, therefore, the price of cutting down a tree:

  • The type of wood
  • The condition of the tree
  • The age of the tree
  • The incline of the tree
  • The location of the tree (on a slope, in a backyard, near a pool, next to a building, etc.)
  • The size of the tree (height, diameter and branch length)
  • The various challenges (power lines, garden furniture, fencing, plants, other trees, etc.)
  • The number of trees to be felled

Furthermore, when calculating the price, you must take into account the felling technique used. There are various ways to cut down a tree, including the following:

  • Cutting the tree at the base, as long as there’s sufficient clearance for it to fall to the ground without damaging anything
  • Using a bucket truck
  • Cutting the tree down section by section, starting at the top, and using specially designed cables to lower the pieces one by one
  • Using a crane (this is the least common technique)

The price to cut down a tree on the South Shore of Montreal ranges from $300 to $3,000, as long as there are no obstacles. However, this doesn’t include grinding down the stump or hauling away the wood.

  • Lowest price: $300
  • Average price: $1,500
  • Highest price: $3,000

In certain cases, the cost of felling a tree can quickly climb. Here are a few examples of circumstances that can lead to supplemental costs:

 Type of complicationAverage surcharge
 Proximity to electrical infrastructure (power poles, power lines, etc.)$1,800
 Rugged terrain$2,000
 Use of a bucket truck$2,500

Furthermore, you should plan on an additional $300 to haul away the wood and another $300 to have the stump ground down.

To get the best price for tree felling on the South Shore of Montreal, you can count on the team at Émondage SBP. Thanks to their expertise and specialized equipment, they can perform all of the work safely and professionally. Free no-obligation estimates.

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