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Deforestation and Felling experts


Deforestation service

This service consists of cutting down all the trees at a defined site. Whether to prepare a building-site or to clear a whole forest, we are equipped to accomplish these projects effectively and quickly.

A number of options are offered, for example: we can simply fell the trees and leave the wood and branches on site, we can cut down the trees, chip the branches on the ground or in a truck and leave the wood on site. Or we can cut down the trees and leave nothing behind, so that there is nothing left to do.

Of course the price differs according to the option.

Felling service

Whether the tree is in front or at the back of the house, in a slope, beside your pool, in an alley… no tree is a match for us! Felling can be done in many ways: Cutting the tree at its base if there is enough space, with a boom-truck, climbing the tree and felling it section by section with special cables. And more rarely, using a crane.